Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 15th)

Newtown Wins Football Championship Exactly 7 Years After Sandy Hook Shooting | NBC Nightly News

Hallmark Under Fire Over Commercial Showing Same-Sex Couples | NBC Nightly News

Communities Near Military Bases Fear Drinking Water Contaminated With ‘Forever Chemical’ | NBC News

14-Year-Old Composer Stuns At Sold Out Show At Carnegie Hall | NBC Nightly News

Police And Protesters Clash In Hong Kong’s Shopping Malls | NBC News

Ferocious Bushfire Consumes Trees In Australia | NBC News

Coons: McConnell, Schumer Need To Sit Down, Begin ‘Real Bipartisan Negotiation’ | Meet The Press

Full Toomey: President 'Mistaken' On Trade Deficits | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Panel: What Will The Impeachment Aftermath Look Like? | Meet The Press | NBC News

County To County: Kent County Voters Debate Impeachment | Meet The Press | NBC News

30 Years Of NBC/WSJ Polling Shows Nation's Growing Divide | Meet The Press | NBC News

Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 14th)

Shooting At Crowded Atlanta Mall Sparks Panic; 1 Injured | NBC Nightly News

Disturbing New Details In The Stabbing Death Of New York City College Student | NBC Nightly News

Runner Accused Of Groping Reporter During TV Broadcast Charged With Battery | NBC Nightly News

Digitally Altered ‘Deepfake’ Videos A Growing Threat As 2020 Election Approaches | NBC Nightly News

Meet The Boys With Cerebral Palsy Playing Tiny Tim On Broadway This Year | NBC Nightly News

Bennet Says Buttigieg And Biden 'Stole' His Health Care Plan | NBC News

Sen. Bennet: 'How We Treat The Next Generation Is How We Will Be Judged' | NBC News