12 Riddles You Won't Crack Unless You're a Genius

Do you consider yourself a riddle expert? Then let's move straight past the easy ones and get to the next level of our riddle ladder! How about to crack these 12 brain-teasers within 10 seconds each? Test your logical skills! Only the smartest people can solve these mind-blowing puzzles.

By the way, scientists have proven that riddles help you boost your thinking abilities and improve your attention span. Are you ready to solve some tricky puzzles to flex your brain muscles? Fair's fair - at the end, you'll get to know how well you've weathered the storm!

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A Tough Choice 0:26
Kidnapping – wasn’t the last one about kidnapping? 1:42
Dangerous Escape 2:22
An Artful Plan 3:14
A Fellow Traveler 4:00
A Construction Site Incident 5:10
Which Exit? 6:00
A Near-Fatal Fall 6:44
Pirates' Problem 7:15
A Summer Night Party 7:45
A Plane Crash 8:45
A Perfect Breakfast 9:40
💥 Your results 💥 10:40

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- Ethan kidnapped Olivia and brought her to Antarctica. To increase her chances to stay alive, Ethan also let Olivia choose one of the following things: body lotion, a potted plant, a pair of sunglasses, and vitamin C tablets. What object should she choose?
- A wealthy businessman was kidnapped right from his house. The detective who arrived to investigate the case found nothing inside except a strange and mysterious note with "377I3" written on it. You have 10 seconds to help the detective to identify the criminal.
- Jack is locked in a room with 2 doors and no windows. There’s nothing inside but a chair, a table, and a tiny 6-inch wide hole in the ceiling. How can the man escape?
- An inspector came to a school and started to quiz the students by asking tricky questions. But surprisingly, every time he asked something, all of the students raised their hands. Can you figure out how it was possible?
- After James called over a police officer, Mr. Brown explained that he’d taken the wrong backpack by mistake. However, the police officer still arrested him. Why?
- David worked at a construction site. Once, someone attacked him, and he was taken to a hospital, unconscious. You have 10 seconds to figure out who's lying.
- You were kidnapped and are being kept in a basement with three exits. What should you do to escape unscathed?
- Mary was standing on an 80-foot-ladder with a bucket of paint. Suddenly, she slipped from the ladder and fell to the ground. But miraculously, besides spilling all the paint, she didn't get injured at all. How come?
- Why can't pirates ever finish the alphabet?
- One summer night, Emily threw a big party. But in the morning, she discovered that someone had stolen all her jewelry and money. Who was lying?
- Dylan was going to a conference by plane, when one of the engines suddenly exploded, and the aircraft went down. Dylan was stuck in the cabin, which was filled with thick smoke and flames. The man found three objects: a fire extinguisher, a pair of polyester flippers, and a hot water bottle with a wool cover. Which of these things can save his life?
- Once, a maniac kidnapped Zoe and held her in his house. There was no way the girl could escape. But one day, the man got bored and decided to make fun of his prey."You'll have to make breakfast for me tomorrow. If I like it, I'll let you go. If not, your life will end." However, when Zoe served him breakfast, he realized he had to let the girl go free. What was it?

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