👽 Alien Quiz And Escape Riddles For A High-Intensity Brain Workout 😲

Check out this mix of escape riddles and alien quiz for a high-intensity brain workout! If you want to check your IQ level and increase your logic, then push the "Play" button :)These brain teasers will help you increase your intelligence and sharpen your logic. If you want to give your brain an effective and fun workout, then these logic exercises are right for you!

00:14 - How many aliens are there in the room? Boost your vision and test your attentiveness with this brain game ;)
01:42 - A set of picture puzzles with answers for kids and adults! They are so easy that even a first-grader can solve all of them. Can you do it before time's up? Tell me your result in the comments!
02:47 - Even Santa can step a wrong path one day! But he has true friends who help him escape from jail. Can you find who is lying to cover for Santa? Use your logic and be attentive!
03:55 - Where is the jailbreaker? A set of visual riddles to test your attentiveness and train your vision!
05:07 - How many superheroes can you count? A fun and tricky visual quiz to test your attentiveness and math skills ;)
06:37 - A tricky picture puzzle that will blow your mind away and make you rack your brain hard! Only a genius will be able to spot all of them by looking at the pictures, so don't get upset if you failed. Tell me how many aliens are there in the third picture👽
08:11 - An interesting tricky riddle to improve your logical skills! The answer will surprise you :) Did you get it right or maybe came up with another cool idea how to escape? Share in the comments :)
09:11 - A cool picture puzzle to stretch your brain and make you think really quickly! If you can spot all the robots in the pictures, then you're a smart quick-thinker with good analytical skills. Way to go!
10:45 - Find an alien! A portion of easy visual puzzles to test your vision and wake up your brain ;)
11:58 - Boost your logical skills with a tricky brain teaser! What is the code?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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