These riddles will help you train your brain to make the right choice! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.00:14 - Boost your logical skills with a tricky brain teaser! What is the code?
01:29 - Howard was stabbed to death in his office! Who killed him? Turn your brain on and solve this detective puzzle!
02:29 - This is one of the greatest bets I've ever seen in my life and I still can't get if he is a cheater or a genius! This tricky riddle with answer will definitely make you scratch your brain looking for a loophole in the rules. If you managed to crack this trick by yourself, then you must the as ingenious as the boy in this riddle! Do you use your super brainpower to cheat people?😜
03:40 - Tricky text riddles with answers to challenge you and your friends! Test how quick-minded and ingenious you are and try to crack these brain teasers in time. Even if you fail to meet the 'deadline', just pause the video and take your time, there's nothing wrong with that🤓I must say that the most important thing is common sense, so try to not overthink the questions. Let me know how many of them you got right!
05:15 - What must the robber do to survive? A logic riddle to boost your critical thinking!
06:21 - Though I hope you never need these skills, it's always good to ready yourself for worse, isn't it? Surprisingly, it's not enough to be just a good swimmer, and professionals also learn the theory and sequence of actions first. If you can list the steps of water rescuing, you're already a soon-to-be-made lifeguard! But if you have any difficulties, watch and bookmark this trivia to be sure you can reach this information at any time!
08:03 - Hey, Detective, I must say honestly we're at an impasse and your cold-blooded genius and perfect logic is our only hope. Too many people are involved in this case, each of them has their motives and alibies, so we're completely lost. This is a hard crime riddle for brilliant minds only; you will need to think hard to collect and analyze the pieces of evidence. Can you put emotions aside and find the culprit before the press gets a hold of it?
10:01 - I will bookmark this trivia quiz and show it to my kids, parents, friends and their kids! I would even show it to each person in the world if I could because it's what everyone should learn by heart since their childhood. Do you know what to do if your leg suddenly gets numb or you get into a whirlpool? How to overcome a strong current? If you fail at least one of these questions, then go and watch this trivia until you're completely sure you know what to do, and then teach your kids and significant others too!
11:51 - Who should you save? A short tricky puzzle to boost your brain!

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